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We drew these maps to show the interesting travel routes in Alaska and the Yukon Territory which are available.  The itineraries below are interesting examples we have prepared for other customers during the 2011 season.  Prices vary depending on lodging and tour choices.  Because we book all lodging on a request basis, total costs are estimated. 

Inside Passage   Alaska Railroad   White Pass and
Yukon Railroad

  Alaska Highway


10-day Anchorage to Anchorage

7-day Anchorage to Anchorage

11-day Anchorage to Bellingham

15-day Bellingham to Anchorage

24 day Bellingham-Anchorage-Return cruise to Vancouver

2 day Cordova excursion from Anchorage

13-day Ketchikan to Anchorage

9-day Ketchikan to Juneau




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